Cuneo Mansion Course ScheduleΒΆ

We are planning to offer the following courses at Cuneo Mansion in Vernon Hills on a two-year cycle. Students can start the program in any term and finish within two years. Students can also supplement with online courses, or courses offered at the WTC or LSC campus for more course options, flexible schedule and speeding up completion. Your degree does not depend on which campuses you attend classes.

Fall 2017

  • COMP 447: Intrusion Detection
  • COMP 488-305: Database Administration

Spring 2018

  • COMP 448: Network Security
  • COMP 417: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Computing

Summer 2018

  • COMP 449: Wireless Networks and Security

Fall 2018

  • COMP 453: Database Programming
  • COMP 488-340: Computer Forensics

Spring 2019

  • CSIS 494/COMP 488-300: Data Mining
  • COMP 446: Telecommunications

Summer 2019 - Cuneo

  • CSIS 796: Data Warehousing