COMP 388: Foundations of Computer Science 1

Credit Hours



Comp 150 or Comp 163 or some programming experience or comfort with math at the level of pre-calculus; restricted to students with a bachelor degree and to advanced transfer students, with departmental permission


This compressed course offered in the first half of the semester is aimed at mature students who are interested in a quick start in computer science, like those entering the MS programs in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Information Technology, who are lacking the prerequisite knowledge from introductory computer science course, COMP 170: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, which is covered in this course. This course is intended to be followed by COMP 388: Foundations of Computer Science 2 in the second half of the semester, covering the content of COMP 271: Data Structures.


Semester/Year Instructor URL
Fall 2015 Dr. Harrington