COMP 388: Topics in Computer Science

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This course is used to introduce emerging topics in computer science that do not yet have a regular course number. Content of the course varies. Recent topics have included

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Rapid Application Development Metholodgy (.NET)
  • Robotics Software Development
  • System Standards and Requirements
  • Topics in Algorithms
  • Data Visualization and Exploration


Understand an emerging area of Computer Science.


Topic Semester/Year Instructor URL
Compressed Introduction to Computer Science Spring 2016 Andrew N. Harrington
Physical Design and Fabrication Spring 2016 Jonathan Durston
Data Structures Fall 2015 Peter L. Dordal
Web Services Fall 2015 Berhane Zewdie
I.T. Project Management Spring 2015 Conrad Weisert
Past Offerings